Bears (sparkover) wrote,


I don't use this any more. I think that's pretty clear from my lack of entries. To be honest, aside from the people that still update from time to time I'm not even sure who reads things here any more. I'm sure there are probably a fair number of people who lurk from time to time. Hi lurkers!

I've started my own blog apart from Livejournal. I've had a Livejournal since 2000. I obviously haven't been keeping it up to date recently but even so eleven years is a long time. Though I don't use this enough any more to justify paying for it and I'm not a fan of what I'd be getting for a free account.

I'm still going to keep the account to read everybody else's posts who still make them here so don't worry! I've never been a super commenter but I'm still reading everything. I'm hoping that having a blog on my own domain won't be too much out of the way for people to keep up with, but if it is then that's what RSS feeds are for. :)

Anyway if you want to keep up with it then head over to Sparkover @

Bye Livejournal!
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